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CloudV Phantom Mini

When portability and discretion are combined with the advanced experience of vaporization of terrestrial material, The CloudV Phantom Mini stands out for its unique characteristics. The Phantom Mini effectively vaporizes your ground products in its convection chamber. With an optimized temperature between 210 ° and 215 °, all you have to do is activate your vaporizer and enjoy your Cloud anytime and anywhere.

The Cloud Phantom mini kit includes:

1 Cloud Phantom Mini

1 USB charging cable

1 cleaning brush

1 packing tool

1 User manual

The Cloud Phantom Mini can hold about 0.2 grams of ground products. The Phantom Mini is equipped with a silicone cover surface that gives a pleasant appearance to the vaporizer and helps to control the heat emitted from the chamber.

How does the Phantom Mini work?

Once unpacked, it is necessary to charge the device for at least 6 hours to condition the battery for future recharging during its life. Once fully charged, you must remove the mouthpiece by turning it counterclockwise and pulling it. Charge the heating chamber with your product.

Replace the mouthpiece. Then, press the button 3 times in sequence to activate the vaporizer. The LED indicator on the button will indicate red when it warms up and will change to blue once it is ready. You can then enjoy your vaporization experience. The Phantom mini has a 4 minute shut off function. This will prevent unnecessary drainage of the battery when it is not being used.

When using the vaporizer, hold the device from under the button area when the device heats up.

How do you manage Cloud Phantom Mini?

CloudV Phantom Mini is easy to maintain and clean. It is recommended to clean the chamber and the mouthpiece after each use. To clean the chamber, deactivate the vaporizer by blocking it. Make sure the vaporizer has not been used for at least 30 minutes and has completely cooled down. Remove the mouthpiece and empty the materials using the tool provided in the kit. Then use the cleaning brush to gently clean the inside of the chamber. You can use small wipes to clean up any residual particles. To clean the mouthpiece, you can unscrew the filter and clean it gently. You can completely clean the mouthpiece with denatured alcohol. Screw the filter back onto the mouthpiece and place the mouthpiece on the chamber. Keeping your Phantom prevents clogging and will allow you to have fun easily.

Weight 250 g

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