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Aroma Sebastian by The Vaping Gentlemen Club

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Aroma Sebastian by The Vaping Gentlemen Club

11 ml

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Aroma Sebastian: Pure, candid and genuine. An “insider” who has upset the world of local vape!
A catalyst of passions that can make every problem, a problem to be solved and every solution a moment to dine and toast.
The Vaping Gentlemen Club created the aroma of Sebastian, not only inspired by Him, but by creating it together.
An aroma that fully reflects your creator.
Here, this is SEBASTIAN!
An aroma made by mixing rude and masculine tobacco macerates, but partly softened by more elegant leaves, with organic extractions of dark and inbreeding creams.

Sebastian (both the aroma and the person) is acrimonious but behind the vehemence hides a multi-faceted personality that is extraordinary to discover.

Dilution: 10%


Weight 145 g

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