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Aroma Brebbia 70° Anniversario

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The Brebbia brand, on the occasion of its 70th anniversary, has created an exceptional tobacco, worthy of an unforgettable birthday.

Officine Svapo has decided to pay homage to one of the symbols of Italian slow smoke by making the “70 °” natural extraction liquid.

A liquid that will bring in Vaping a unique aroma, with a mix of Turkish tobaccos, which will open a breach between the two worlds, the classic and the modern.

The liquid is round and intense, with sweet notes typical of English mixtures.

The peculiarity in this mix is ​​the union of two Turkish tobacconists little known in the industry, Smirne and Samsun.

Analyzing the tobacco present in the mixture we will soon understand the aromatic tendency of the liquid:

Smirne is a highly aromatic, sweet and dark tobacco that adds flavor to the mixture thanks to slightly spicy sensations.

The Samsun tobacco, on the other hand, is delicate and light, sometimes it can give sweet sensations.

Blended with skill and experience they give intensity and softness, with light citrus and vanilla fragrances.

Accompanied by Turkish flavors, we find Virginia blond leaves, produced by the American state of the same name.

The puff is pleasant since the morning, with the notes of Virginia to head.

Once the palate has absorbed the sweet sensations of Virginia, the magic of this mixture will begin.

The aroma will take full form with Smirne tobacco, able to give body and a light spicy soul, to end with the known soft and enveloping Samsun.

Innovative in its classicism, stormy in its harmony, a liquid created to amaze tobacco lovers and more.

A gift from Officine Svapo and Brebbia to all lovers of slow electronic smoke.

Aroma to be diluted at 20% for a rich and aromatic experience. Maturation times between 5 and 8 days.

It is adviced to leave the aroma to mature for a period of 10 to 12 days in the choice of a more concentrated dilution.

Weight 20 g

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