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    AROMA CIGAR CLUB - 13.5 - 10 ML

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    Aroma Cigar Club - 13.5 - 10 ml

    DILUTION: 10%

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    On the occasion of the Officine Svapo restyling we launch a new CIGAR CLUB line on the market for lovers of cigar tobaccos, thus the first liquid CIGAR CLUB 13.5 was born, which evokes the diameter of cigars. This new line will take you to discover the world of cigars, both Italian and foreign, why take away the pleasure of a good cigar, when you can vape it?


    Our journey starts with a mezzanine cigar, great for lovers and for those who enter the world of cigars.

    It is a fine cigar with a warm and enveloping taste where the tobacco is enriched through a complex fermentation process in coffee beans which gives it a refined note of roasting. The round taste of dark tobaccos associated with a discreet persistence of pleasant sensations.

    10% DILUTION

    Officine Svapo

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    Cigar Club
    10 ml

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    AROMA CIGAR CLUB - 13.5 - 10 ML

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